Sport should develop the whole child

October 9, 2020

We’ve discovered during Parents in Sport week that Guernsey children have a wide choice of sports and activities to try.

Today, PE and Sport Development Officer Kerri Brown explains what she looks out for when her children try out a new sport.

‘The sporting Guernsey community is full of some wonderful individuals who volunteer hours of their free time whether it’s running the sessions, completing administration jobs, or ensuring they have the relevant qualifications up to date. 

‘As a parent I witnessed how people want to support children to develop a passion for the sport they love. This includes understanding the game, but also how to have fun and develop themselves as individuals. 

‘One of my children is 6 years old and we have been fortunate enough to try 5 different sports already, due to the sporting opportunities and volunteers Guernsey has. For each sport we have tried I have researched if the coaches are qualified and observed sessions to ensure the coaches support my child’s whole development - this means his confidence, his team work as well as his skill improvement. All of which, so far, have been nurtured tremendously well. 

‘Sport can teach many skills to a child and if the sports club develops social, physical, and personal skills through enjoyment, with the volunteers all having the appropriate qualifications then the club is an outstanding one to belong to.’

For further information about Parents in Sport Week visit the Child Protection in Sport Unit’s website