Wetsuit Amnesty

March 28, 2023

The Guernsey Sports Commission is undertaking an amnesty to collect in junior wetsuits so that we can use them within our Outdoor & Adventure courses for 2023. We are convinced that numerous wetsuits are stored at homes in Guernsey for children that have either grown out of them, or simply do not use them anymore.

We are therefore asking you to donate these suits, so that we can offer opportunities for the Island’s children to experience our wonderful Guernsey environment all year round.


  • Full length junior suits fitting children between the age of 8 – 17

  • Minor damage would be welcome, but please check for the following:

    • that the zips must work

    • that the suit is not significantly ripped or the seams are. For example, a small 4 cm rip could be repaired. A 1-foot rip cannot.

  • Please ensure they are clean as we all know that wetsuits, stored incorrectly after use, not only smell but are actually a breeding ground for bacteria

  • Modern suits – Aunt Sally’s from 1962 will not be up to the challenge!

  • Full length suits covering the legs and arms – 1mm to 5mm in thickness

If the suits that you have are beyond reasonable use, then please do not donate them.


  • That have broken zips

  • That have large rips or tears

  • That are mouldy and have not been maintained or stored properly

  • That are 'shortie' wetsuits that do not cover your arms or your legs

Once the amnesty is concluded, we will sort the suits out into sizes, check for damage and then soak the suits in fresh water with a mild detergent. Once dry, and should we receive enough suits, we can start an allocation programme whereby we will lend the suits for the season ahead to those in need. Depending on the number of suits donated, we may also offer a small proportion to charity, so these can be sent overseas to deprived countries.

Wetsuits can be dropped at our office, The Coach House, Beau Sejour between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday