Children in Need to Support Street Sports for Further 2 Years

November 16, 2018

The Guernsey Sports Commission will receive £50,000 over the next two years which will be put towards delivery of the Street Sports programme. Street Sports is a community programme that offers 7-18 year olds the opportunity to enjoy sports in their local neighbourhoods. It is a way of channelling young islanders’ energies into constructive physical activity and through sport, aims to improve young people’s confidence and self-esteem.

This is the 3rd cycle of funding for Street Sports that the Commission have received from Children in Need since 2011 and it allows the team to continue encouraging young people to be active, participate, learn new skills and have fun.

Steph Batiste co-ordinator of the Street Sports programme said “Securing a grant with Children in Need has allowed our staff to continue with the delivery of the Street Sports Programme which has such a positive impact on young people’s lives. These doorstep sessions are highly valued by the young people we work with as they have the opportunity to participate in a range of different sports, make new friends, learn valuable skills and have fun.”

The programme offers young people access to free sports sessions at three locations on the island and to do this it is essential that we have a team of sports leaders who can engage positively with young people through sport and physical activity.

“Offering these sessions each week enables our staff to build good relation with the young people and help us to deliver a session that the participants have a certain amount of ownership of. Having a presence in the community for another 3 years is great news,” Steph added.

The programme is also committed to making young people aware of other activities and services on the island that may also benefit their well-being. Street Sports staff work closely with other youth agencies that can offer participants advice and support in other areas of their lives.