Keep Active - Home Tennis Bundles

March 24, 2020

Guernsey Tennis is offering families the chance to keep active and have fun by hiring out one of their Home Tennis bundles for free.

The bundle comprises two mini rackets and two soft tennis balls. All you need to do is make a net out of chairs, boxes, tying a piece of string between two trees or poles – and its game on!

You can get your hands on a bundle by sending Guernsey Tennis a message through their Instagram @guernseytennis or Facebook pages or you can email and they will arrange delivery of your bundle.

You will be asked to pay a £10 deposit in case of any lost or damaged equipment. If the equipment is returned back to them in working order, then you will get your £10 back.

Guernsey Tennis have a limited number of bundles and want as many people to be able to use them as possible so are suggesting you can hire a bundle for a week. They will collect it from you after a week and then pass it on to another family – once it has been thoroughly sanitised of course.