Latest guidance to sports re school-based extra-curricular clubs

March 16, 2022

The Guernsey Sports Commission has been made aware of plans to introduce additional measures in schools and other education settings to help alleviate the impact of the current wave of Covid-19 infections.

These measures include stopping all school-based extra-curricular activities or clubs from Thursday 17th March. We understand this will be the case until the start of the Easter holidays.

There is no requirement for sports clubs and organisations to stop running any training sessions or activities that are not school-based. Education has confirmed that the community use of school premises outside of school hours will continue as long as sufficient staff remain available.

We would however recommend that all clubs and organisations continue to implement appropriate measures and mitigations, including reminding participants to stay at home if they feel unwell, take regular lateral flow tests and practice good personal hygiene. Where possible, avoid large numbers of children and young people gathering in changing rooms or small, poorly ventilated spaces.

We will provide any further updates if required.