Make sport fun for our children

October 7, 2020

In our second article celebrating Parents in Sport week, we talk to PE and Sport Development Officer Dave Harfield about the importance of making sport fun for our children.

'Like many, I have had a career in sports much longer than I have been a father, but I am very much embracing the challenges presented by bringing up two energetic young boys.  

'As parents, we try to promote a healthy active lifestyle and be positive role models, getting out and enjoying the amazing environment we live in. Exploring different areas of our Island encourages the children to use many of the Fundamental Movement Skills, essential for accessing and enjoying sport, but having lots of fun along the way. These are the same Gross Motor Skills we teach in the schools from Early Years upwards. 

'Before moving to Guernsey in 2018, I was working in an International School in South East Asia. As in Guernsey, the safeguarding of children was a priority and checks were rigorous and thorough before coaches were allowed to train, with regular supervision and professional development to help continue to deliver quality sessions. The school was also able to offer at least one extra-curricular physical activity for each year group every day. Offering a diversity of choices was key in giving the children an opportunity to try to partake in an array of sports, teaching them valuable all-round skills they could use throughout life. 

'It didn’t stop with the coaches programme though. We also took a look at the parents' influence on their children’s sporting life. For all the competition that the school offered, it was important to remember the main reason that children participated - FUN.

'As it says in the Sports Parents Promise, as parents we need to remember to support our children and their team mates in a positive way so our children can grow to love their chosen sporting activities for all the right reasons.'

Click here for more information about Parents in Sport week and access to range of resources to help you ensure your child's experience of sport is safe and fun.