Facilities (Update Jan 22)

Where are we trying to get to?

(from original Action Plan)

We want to ensure that Guernsey’s vision for sport is underpinned by the best possible facilities that are accessible to all. We need to ensure that these facilities are well maintained, sustainable and future proofed as far as is reasonable with all sports having a ‘home’.

How far have we got?

We have carried out a full review of sporting facilities on the island and produced some simple recommendations for consideration by the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture.

In general terms, the island has a significant number of facilities of varying standards, the use of which is regular but relatively low. Many of our high participation sports such as netball, basketball and volleyball still do not have a home.

To enable the Bailiwick’s sporting facilities to be used to their greatest potential, additional support is needed to help venues with funding, planning permission, volunteering, access and marketing.

We are keen to make sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated with the construction of new sports facilities and are working with all partners to ensure they are appropriately sized and fit for purpose.

There has still been no progress towards providing a standardised and easy to use booking system for all States-owned sports facilities. We have had initial discussions with partners in Government as we seek to move this forwards.

Active 8 Core Aims Supported
Encourage more islanders to be more action more often
Maintain, develop and improve accessible facilities

Government Work Plan Core Aims Supported
Healthier lifestyles
Effective community partnerships

You can access the updated Action Plan here