Guernsey Institute of Sport (Update Jan 22)

Where do we want to be?

(from original Action Plan)

We want to establish, embed and continually enhance a sustainable high performance sport framework and an approach to support service delivery that inspires and mentors, which will equip athletes with key attributes in sport and life and that will help produce a medallist at a future Commonwealth Games.

How far have we got?

The Guernsey Institute of Sport is now established and has been working quietly behind the scenes to agree selection criteria, application processes and the support services that will be available to the athletes selected.

It is hoped that in time a permanent base for the GIS can be established as part of the redevelopment of the Les Ozouets site, but these plans are still not confirmed. Currently the work with a small number of elite local athletes is subsidised through private work carried out by the GIS’s professional staff with some limited funding from the Guernsey Sports Commission through Active 8.

GIS has also been successful in securing a Games Changers Grant from the Commonwealth Sport Foundation to identify and develop Para-sport athletes and participation.

The GIS is continuing to strengthen links with both the Guernsey Island Games Association and the Guernsey Commonwealth Games Association as well as selected National Sporting bodies both on and off-island.

Active 8 Core Aim Supported
Support high performance athletes

Government Work Plan Core Aim Supported:
Young people can achieve their potential

You can access the updated Action Plan here