School Sport & Physical Activity (Update Jan 22)

Where are we trying to get to?

(from original Action Plan)

We believe Guernsey has the opportunity to provide a world leading experience of physical activity, PE and sport for school aged children and young people within the Bailiwick.

Where are we now?

Our work in primary schools is now well established with our team of PE and Sport Development Officers working alongside teachers to develop their understanding and knowledge of Fundamental Movement Skills and Sport as well as ensuring PE is a fun and positive experience for all.

We provide on average around 6,000 hours of curriculum delivery per year and offer or facilitate more than 40 extra-curricular and after-school sports and activity clubs per week, across 15 school provisions. We also coordinate more than 20 other coaching professionals visiting schools delivering 2,000 hours of sport.

Thanks to some initial funding through the Active 8 Plan for Sport, we have been able to expand the sporting offer to young people across the island’s secondary sector including the grant-maintained colleges. Sports such as snooker, boxing, skateboarding and climbing can now be accessed along with additional opportunities to participate in the more traditional sports of hockey, football, rugby and netball.

One of our main aims is to explore and promote pathways for children and young people to access sport outside of school, especially for those who do not currently participate. Initiatives such as our Sports Voucher scheme, Specsavers Youth Games and Community Sports Fun Days are just some examples of how we are breaking down barriers to participation.

In partnership with the Health Improvement Commission we have been able to establish a Policy Directive and Guidelines for schools around physical activity, PE and school sport. The Directive sets out physical activity guidelines that schools are expected to achieve. One area where we need to make further progress is the establishment of inclusive school competitions. Whilst there are some examples of good practice, this action needs a new focus.

Active 8 Core Aim Supported
Inspire all generations to get active for life

Government Work Plan Core Aim Supported
Healthier lifestyles
Young people can meet their potential

You can access the updated Action Plan here