Important message to all sports

January 24, 2021

Briefing note to all sports 24th January 2021

The Guernsey Sports Commission has received a number of enquiries from sporting organisations and individuals seeking to clarify the situation with regards to training during the current lockdown.

As this is a fast changing the situation, the Commission is recommending that at this time everyone should be staying at home in line with current Public Health guidance.

No sports should be organising any official training activities where people would be meeting and all personal physical activity should be undertaken within the guidelines of up to 2 hours exercise outdoors per day. This personal physical activity can be undertaken with other members of your household unless you live alone in which case you can exercise with one member of another household while socially distanced.

The message remains, stay home, stay safe and comply with the official Public Health guidance.

We will seek to issue any further advice and guidance as required but in the interim if any sporting organisation has any questions then please contact a member of the team or email and we will endeavour to act as the point of contact between sports and Public Health.