Water Polo makes a splash

April 15, 2020

The sport of Water Polo is continuing to grow in Guernsey with more people playing across all age groups, training and competing off-island.

Guernsey Water Polo (GWP) has also recently achieved Swim Mark Essential Accreditation and Club Mark status which is another big step forward for the club.

‘Whilst Swim Mark status is reassuring for parents, it in turn allows the club to apply for funding to support coaching qualifications and awards,’ said Casey Osborough from GWP.

‘The real strength of the club are those parents and individuals who volunteer much of their time.  Like in many sports, all coaches and assistants are volunteers.  GWP have many aspiring coaches, and thanks to Swim Mark and additional funding we have recently received we are now in a position to get every coach up-to-date with qualification and CPD.’

The junior section of GWP offers one hours training a week for just £50 for the academic year and so is affordable option for those looking for something different. Water Polo also complements many other sports. 

‘We were fortunate to have received a donation from the Skipton Community Fund last year for equipment, so that we were able to keep our membership costs low.  Interestingly, the GWP has found that members who also play sports such as rugby, hockey and basketball have great ball handling skills and spatial awareness, whereas members who are current or ex-swimmers are obviously quick through the water.  Water polo can be a second or third sport for any individual with our main focus on fun and fitness,’ said Casey. 

Guernsey Water Polo is also seeing more and more juniors who choose to progress in the sport.  Many of the juniors attended regional academy training in the UK, four of which were selected last year to represent the South East Region with one player selected to attend the National Academy. 

‘This year we had a player selected to play in the National Age Groups and three players who were invited to attend a Regional training camp in Hungary which would have included an international tournament, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions this is no longer happening,’ said Casey.

‘As always we must thank the Ray Lowe Foundation for supporting our Regional Players.

‘Our senior section is made up of players who have played internationally, at National League level and for their universities, as well as others who are brand new to the sport.

‘The club regularly invite Regional Coaches over for training weekends, thanks to PwC who have provided funding for the club to once again bring a coach over later this year which we really hope will still be able to go ahead.’ 

Anyone interested in finding out more about Guernsey Water Polo should see their Facebook page for details